CANNON BEACH, Ore. -- As people plan trips to the Oregon Coast to enjoy the spring and summer weather, be prepared: Some spots are still recovering from winter.

That includes landslide-plagued Ecola State Park. The road leading into the park had to be closed three times this winter season due to landslides.

Hiking trails were washed out and a big chunk of the Oregon Coast Trail has slid. On May 2, the state park reopened after its last closure.

Large gravel patches now cover several sections of the main road that had been washed out.

But one area that has not been fixed is a more than 100-yard stretch of the popular Oregon Coast Trail that runs through the park.

The record rain this winter wiped out a bridge, toppled trees and sent the iconic trail sliding. A sign along the trail warns hikers of the closure.

The Oregon Coast Trail is supposed to span the length of the entire Oregon Coast. But park managers say it will likely be months before the tourist attraction reopens in the area where the slide occurred.

"A lot of people have called and asked what's going on, when are you going to have that open again," explained park manager Ben Cox, "It's very popular and again we're trying to do the best we can."

The park is expecting about 3,000 visitors a day during Memorial Day weekend. People are free to hike into the trail, but they will have to turn around when they get to the slide area.

As for when the section of the Oregon Coast Trail will reopen, Cox says he hopes by the end of the summer.

The estimated cost to fix it is $20,000-$50,000.