PORTLAND, ORE. – A new route for cyclists is a 9.2-mile run connecting north-south travelers between Southeast and Northeast Portland.

The “20s Bikeway” is mostly along neighborhood greenways, as the Portland Bureau of Transportation calls them, that include 20 mph speed limits, sharrow markings and speed bumps.

There are also more than a dozen crosswalk improvements at busy cross streets like Burnside, Glisan and Stark that are good for cyclists and pedestrians.

Kerns Neighborhood Association Chair Jay Harris said the city did it right.

“PBOT came and involved us in the process early on, and not just in a token way but they took our feedback and comments and incorporated them imagine that, fantastic,” said Harris.

Some improvements at intersections include new green paint to mark cyclists’ routes, center median islands and signal lights.

“Especially over on Burnside, it’s really hard to cross over,” said cyclist Terrence Jones. "And even when I used to ride over on 28th, it’s hard because you’ve got the parked cars, the moving cars and what not and [the bikeway] is a lot more protected and a lot more enjoyable ride

PBOT has a map of the 20’s Bikeway so you can plan your next trip.