PORTLAND, Ore. – New apartments are almost ready on the east side of the city, and they are a very welcome addition for those in need of a home they can afford.

The Vine Maple Apartments are 148 “mini” one- and two-bedroom affordable housing units, on Southeast 146th Avenue between Burnside and Stark.

Relay Resources is the developer. This is its third new affordable housing development in three years.

The nonprofit also offers other resources and jobs to people in need of help. About 10 percent of the units are rented by people who work for Relay.

Ricky Knighton, 51, is one of them, and is thrilled to be moving out of a temporary shelter and into a mini unit next week. Rent for the mini apartments in just over $500 a month.

“Having my own place like this -- it is brand new, it's gonna be clean all the time. Broom and a mop is what I’m buying first,” said Knighton.

The Vine Maple Apartments are move-in ready; the developer is waiting for final city inspection approvals, expected to be completed in the next week.

”It’s just so meaningful for someone to have a sense of independence and space,” said Relay Resources President Alysa Rose. “We all have our stories and to see someone really excited about moving in somewhere new and that we can help with that is a great feeling.”

It is still possible to apply for a unit at Vine Maple. Go the the Relay Resources website for more information.