PORTLAND, Ore.— Neighbors in North Portland complain Adidas is creating parking problems.

There isn’t enough space for the company’s growing workforce to park on campus, so many employees end up parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

"This neighborhood used to be really nice and quiet. No traffic,” said Cathy Cleveland of North Portland. “Now, it’s bananas!"

Neighbors say the narrow residential streets surrounding the Adidas campus are often lined with parked cars.

“It’s bumper to bumper,” said neighbor Danny Drake. "It is really difficult for neighbors to get around.”

Some neighbors have posted “No Parking” signs outside their homes and informally set-up orange cones and barriers to try and reserve a parking spot.

Neighbors say the congestion started several years ago, but recently street parking has gotten worse.

“I've had some people park halfway across my driveway,” explained neighbor Tom Calhoun. “To me that's not being a good neighbor."

Adidas’ workforce has nearly doubled in the past two years. There’s not enough parking spaces on the company’s North Portland campus to accommodate its nearly 1,700 workers.

“Our company’s growth has brought more people to our office and we understand the challenges this can pose. We have a dedicated team working directly with the community to listen and learn and make sure we continue to be a valued part of this neighborhood,” said Adidas in a statement provided to KGW.

Last week, the Overlook Neighborhood Association met with a representative from the company to discuss the parking problem.

"Anytime you drop a big employer in the middle of a residential neighborhood, which is what this is, there's the potential for conflict. So having good relationships can ease that potential," explained Chris Trejbal, chair of the Overlook Neighborhood Association.

Trejbal said the company described plans to try and ease the parking pressure. He said Adidas will move five divisions to other locations within the city later this year. The company has also canceled deliveries to the back side of campus, so trucks don’t line the residential street.

Several neighbors said they’ve called Adidas to complain. They’ve also spoken with Adidas employees directly.

“When people get out of their car, we say, ‘Do you mind not parking in front of my house?'” Nalini Kruppu explained. “And they say, 'There's nowhere for us to park.'"