MILWAUKIE, Ore. -- A mother in the North Clackamas School District says she’s pulling her daughter out of Rowe Middle School after her daughter was the target of cyberbullying.

Michele Corrigan is the mother of 12-year old Bela. Monday, she discovered an Instagram page targeting her daughter, called “The Ugliest Girl in School.” Michele immediately contacted the school principal, and she called the Milwaukie Police Department.

“This is not just a Milwaukie, Oregon or North Clackamas School District problem. It’s widespread. You hear stories about it all the time and unfortunately, sometimes it ends with someone losing their life. And that’s what I worry for my daughter, because this is not the first time it’s happened, this is the most extreme. I really worry about her mental state,” said Corrigan.

The Instagram page is set up to look like a page for Bela. The first message is entitled, “A Hate Page for the Ugliest Girl in Rowe Middle School.” It also has her picture and lists her first and last name. The original page has dozens of followers, and as the post continue, the number of followers grows. Her mother was shocked.

Instagram page made to target Bela Corrigan

“They told her that she should kill herself. They said she was a cutter and cutters should die, besides calling her some names I don’t want to repeat.”

One commenter encourages Bela to commit suicide, writing, “Just kill yourself, nobody like you fat ugly slut.”

Some students, however, came to Bela’s defense.

The school is now investigating, trying to determine who is behind the Instagram page. The North Clackamas District has a strong policy against cyberbullying. They have sent a letter home to parents warning them of the effects of cyberbullying, and encouraging them to talk to their kids. They have also included a list of valuable resources for parents and kids, including crisis hotlines and a list of available counselors.