PORTLAND, Ore. -- A MAX train derailed at the Rose Quarter early Friday morning and was stuck for several hours.

TriMet announced just after 5 a.m. that commuters should expect major delays and to find another way to get to work. There were no reported injuries and TriMet officials said "a few" people were on board when the derailment happened.

The cars remained upright. The train was switching from the Blue to the Yellow line when it derailed on icy tracks that had been used sparingly late at night and early in the morning.

Several MAX routes were disrupted.

Crews were using blow torches to melt the ice in the rails. A special jack was also used to get the cars back on the tracks.

Just after 7:30 a.m., the train was back on the rails and was moved just enough to clear perpendicular tracks.

"Crews have the derailed train back on the tracks in the Rose Quarter area and we are working to move it out of the way," said TriMet spokeswoman Robert Altstadt. "We are also making progress with restoring service, and now have east-west service in downtown Portland as well as north-south service. We do have some shuttle buses, but riders may want to use regular bus service."

But she said riders should continue to check trimet.org/alerts to make sure their bus lines have been not altered due to slick road conditions.

"We also are seeing an issue with autos along East Burnside that are getting stuck in intersections that cross MAX tracks," Altstadt added. "The auto and train movement through those intersections has created ruts and ice chunks, leading autos to become stuck blocking the trackway at times."

Photos: MAX derailment