SALEM, Ore. -- A Sheridan woman said she’s still waiting for a refund of nearly $700 for a wedding dress that never arrived.

Megan Heidt said she ordered her wedding gown in March from Simply Grand by Aaron Michael in Salem. She paid just under a thousand dollars it.

“They said, ‘great, it will be here probably mid-August,’” said Heidt.

August came and went. Heidt said the dress still hadn’t arrived. In May, store owner, Aaron Michael Steach, took over sole ownership of the business. He renamed it Aaron Michael Prom & Pageant Boutique and did away with the bridal department.

However, Steach told Heidt that her dress was still on its way and would make it in time for her Nov. 6 wedding. Heidt said in the fall, the store contacted her to say her dress had arrived.

“When I went in October to pick up the dress that was supposedly there, they said ‘Aaron Steach has it, he took it home in his car with him,’ which was a little strange,” said Heidt. “But I said ‘ok, can I come back and pick it up another time?’ Come to find out, he did not have the dress.”

“We tried at least six different times,” said Heidt’s husband, Cody Heidt. “They'd say, ‘we have it or it'll be here on this day. We have emails saying specific dates they were supposed to deliver the dress and we never got it.”

Desperate and running out of time, Megan called the dress manufacturer, directly. She said after sharing her story, they sold and rush-delivered her another dress, one week before her wedding.

“I had seven days to get the dress altered and figure everything out, while I was still working,” said Heidt, who is a paramedic and volunteer firefighter.

KGW reached out to Steach at his Salem store.

“Megan is one of the people who we failed on and I apologize for that,” said Steach.

We asked Steach why he waited until a month before the Heidt’s wedding to tell her he didn't have her dress.

“Here's the thing with me,” said Steach. “I will try to always make everybody happy, I will try my damnedest even if it breaks me in the process of doing it.”

Heidt said Steach’s good intentions mean very little as she thinks of how close she came to not having a wedding dress on her wedding day. She said all she wants now is her money back. She said her bank refunded the $300 she paid using her debit card. She said Steach sent her a check for the balance $697.50 but days before her wedding, it bounced, adding insult to injury.

“I got charged an extra $15 dollars for the bad check,” said Heidt.

Steach told us it wouldn't happen again, and that he would have a check for Heidt within a week.

“Yeah, I can do that,” said Steach.

Heidt said she sees that as another empty promise, given Steach’s response to a letter Heidt’s attorney sent Steach this week, demanding he refund her money.

“He said he wasn’t obligated to pay me,” said Heidt. “We are willing to leave him alone if he’ll just make things right… I don’t want other people to have this same problem.”