SALEM, Ore. -- A boy with leukemia lived out his dream of being a police officer when he was sworn in as a Marion County "special deputy" for a day.

Undersheriff Troy Clausen swore in 9-year-old Nate Samoylich on Aug. 3.

"Once we heard his wish, we wanted to make him a part of our team," said Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dep. Ethan Griffith. "Special Deputy Samoylich was issued a uniform, badge, and gear bag containing sheriff's office goodies."

Photos: Boy becomes Marion Co. deputy for a day

Nate started his workday with hot chocolate and donuts, but as soon as the break was over he was tasked with providing security for Judge Channing Bennett's courtroom.

Then he got into Sgt. Jason Hickam's squad car and patrolled the streets to protect and serve the residents of Marion County.

"Back at the office, Nate processed a crime scene, hung out with the SWAT Team and played with K-9's," Griffith said. "After a full day Nate patrolled his way home where he signed off at his house, leaving the streets of Marion County for the loving arms of his family."

Sgt. Hickham, Nate's partner thanked him for a job well done.

"Today we made a dream come true and there is no better feeling," Hickham said. "Thank you Nate for choosing the Marion County Sheriff's Office and allowing us to be a part of your special day."