PORTLAND, Ore. -- They drove drivers crazy last winter: all those pesky potholes that popped up during our snow and ice storms.

And now, we're hearing from a number of you that the potholes the city of Portland fixed this past winter and spring are back.

Libby Lowell showed us several potholes that line the road in front of her Southeast Portland home. She says the potholes are not only irritating, they are also potentially dangerous.

"We definitely have to kind of swerve to avoid them," she said.

But what concerns her the most is that those potholes had been fixed months ago thanks to the city of Portland's patch-a-thon effort.

After the harsh winter chipped away at Portland roads, the city doubled up road crews and went to work patching nearly 15,000 potholes around the city.

But since then, in many areas, the potholes have come back, and while it may be a surprise to some, it is no surprise to the city.

"In order to be as responsive as we could and really jump on the problem we used a treatment that doesn't last as long," said Dylan Rivera, spokesman for the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

The city says in order to get to and fix the record number of potholes around Portland, in some cases, it used a patching material that could be applied in wet conditions but only lasts up to 6 months.

"We pulled out all the stops to get potholes fixed last spring," said Rivera. "We filled potholes in the rain which we normally don't do."

The city says it is now focusing on preventing future pothole problems, but will still address existing potholes if people call them in.

When the city gets calls of potholes it says it will send crews out to check on them and if possible, weather permitting, apply a longer lasting patch.