PORTLAND, Ore. – A driver ended up stuck on Tri-MET train tracks for a short time early Wednesday morning after following his GPS instructions to the max.

Devon Ford told KGW he intended to turn right from East Burnside onto Northeast 97th Avenue.

"I was following my GPS and my GPS was delayed and yeah, it said take a right hand turn, and so, it looked just like a street turning, and then once it hit it was like . . . "


"I knew what happened the second the car dropped down and I could feel the tracks and that’s when I turned and tried to get out of there but that’s not easy in all that gravel,' said Ford.

Police and a tow truck arrived and removed Ford’s SUV from the tracks near the Gateway Transit Center just before 4:30 a.m. Max trains resumed service for the morning commute.

A circumspect Ford was not found to be impaired. He was allowed to drive his car away from the scene.

File: Car on MAX track delays westbound trains