PORTLAND, Ore. – So far no flights have been canceled to or from Portland International Airport, but the local connections to areas affected by Hurricane Matthew are starting to surface.

Kimberly Aldridge of Battle Ground, Washington, flew to Florida last week to vacation with her best friend, Debbie Garvin. Garvin was a long time Vancouver resident until she retired to Florida a few years ago.

KGW spoke to the pair as they evacuated from the Jacksonville area, heading out of the evacuation zone to Florida’s gulf coast.

“We’re actually heading toward the storm but it’s not supposed to hit for a few hours. The other way was grid locked so we’re heading south, but then we’ll head west and I think we’re going to be fine,” said Garvin.

The two enjoyed several days of fun before the hurricane started to threaten. Now they are evacuating like millions of others in Florida, and hoping for the best.

“Well hopefully that there’s not any loss of life, they say they haven’t had a storm like this come through for a hundred years and so it’s pretty scary,” said Aldridge, who plans to return to the Pacific Northwest next week.