PORTLAND, Ore. – A local family experienced a major earthquake while vacationing on the Greek Island of Kos.

Lincoln High School student Hank Sanders is on the island of Kos when the 6.7 magnitude quake hit, the epicenter just about 10 miles off the coast of the popular tourist destination. Hank and his family had just arrived the night before and were asleep when the quake hit.

“At 1:50 in the morning I felt my bed shaking vigorously and I saw the wall of the hotel room moving back and forth, left and right and the ground was moving, so we just ran out and we heard the sirens”, said Sanders.

He and his family ended up laying in the center of the plaza as aftershocks hit, avoiding where more rubble could fall.

They planned to get off the island of Kos as soon as possible to get to somewhere that feels more safe.

Hank is an aspiring journalist, working as an intern at KXL Radio, and also publishing a news blog. He will have plenty to write, about his summer vacation to Greece.