PORTLAND, Ore. -- The owner of a Portland carnival ride company reflected on safety, after hearing about a fatal accident involving a ride at the Ohio State Fair.

“We do everything we can to make the rides safe,” said Ron Burback, owner of Funtastic Shows in Southeast Portland.

Burback said Funtastic Shows provides rides for fairs around Oregon and Washington including the Rose Festival and the Washington State Fair. He said news of the deadly accident in Ohio hit him and the ride industry hard.

“A lot of us have the same equipment and we want to make sure that if something happens there that we look at ours or shut it down until they ascertain what was the problem,” said Burback, who said he didn’t own the same ride that malfunctioned in Ohio.

For all rides, Burback said his company's safety protocol is strict and unwavering.

“At shows, every day before we open, every ride has a check off list and they make sure they check off everything on ride and that it’s correct,” said Burback. “We also have individual supervisors who are assigned to monitor five or six rides all day and state authorized inspectors look at each ride.”