PORTLAND, Ore. -- A local Los Angeles Dodgers fan and his sister got tickets to Game One of the World Series, thanks to a winning bet.

In January, Eric Corbett was in Las Vegas on business, when he bet $100 that the Dodgers would make it to the World Series. The Portland man gave the bet ticket to his sister and fellow Dodgers, fan Amber Corbett, for her birthday.

When the Dodgers won the pennant last week, Amber won $1,000. She used her winnings to buy herself and her brother tickets to the World Series against the Astros in Los Angeles. It will be the siblings’ first trip to Dodgers Stadium.

“We made this deal as kids that if [the Dodgers] ever made it to the World Series, even if we had to quit our jobs and max out our credit cards—‘we'll do whatever we have to do, but we're going to see a World Series game!’” said Eric Corbett. “It's a bucket list thing.”

Eric and Amber's father passed away when they were four and two, respectively. While they don’t remember much about him, Eric said he always knew his dad was a Dodgers fan—the reason he and his sister followed in their father’s fan footsteps.

“I know he’d be excited,” said Eric, about their trip. “My mom said, ‘he’ll be sitting down there, with you guys.’”