LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – The vast majority of students at Lake Oswego High School walked out of class Tuesday, in a school sanction demonstration against racism. The walkout was a reaction to racist graffiti scrawled on school walls this school year.

The first case was discovered early in the school year, and is still unsolved. Administrators say few students reported it. Two new instances last week targeted people of color with hate graffiti in as many as three boy’s bathrooms, as reported by the school newspaper, Lake Views.

The instances last Wednesday and Friday were met with immediate action by many students, scrubbing away as much of the graffiti as possible, and reporting it to administrators.

Tuesday’s walkout never left campus, but more than 1,000 kids marched their track and raised their voices together, against racism and words of hate at their school. It’s a voice one student of color said must be heard every time racism comes up.

“Are we all racists or intolerant? Clearly not. But that silence you want to indulge in, every time you just sit on your hands hoping something horrible like this will go away on its own, you’re siding with the injustice,” said LOHS student Camryn Leland. “We need to come together in these times as one, and act when we see injustice.”