PORTLAND, Ore. -- Sophia Hallinan, a junior at Saint Mary's Academy in Portland, has a kind heart and a will to win.

As the unofficial campaign manager for Jason Lee Elementary, she has led the charge to "get out the vote" for the school where her mother teaches.

Jason Lee, an elementary school in Northeast Portland, is one of three finalists in the Moda Assist program which awards a $20,000 all-access playground to a park or school in the state of Oregon.

Sophia's mother, Sheila, is a reading teacher at Jason Lee. After learning her mom's school had this opportunity, she took it upon herself to make sure they win.

Sophia has used social media, radio, television and her social justice class to raise awareness for her project.

The campaign has required a lot of her free time but she says it's worth it because of the commitment she feels to the school and the community.

Voting for the Moda Assist Program runs through March 20.

CAST YOUR VOTE: Click here to vote for Jason Lee Elementary School