TIGARD, Ore. – Tigard police say two people reported seeing a cougar in town on Friday.

A man told police he saw a cougar in his yard early Friday morning, and later police said they received a report of a cougar walking along a trail near Tigard Street, west of downtown.

David Roberts saw the cougar running across the road.

"I was like, man what are the chances of ever seeing a cougar around here? It's one of those things you don't expected to see, seeing it in town, of course there are a lot of people and businesses," Roberts said.

Police posted photos of the cougar on their Facebook page.

"It was a big cat," Roberts said. "I even called for him and he looked right at me. Definitely a cougar."

Police ask anyone who sees a cougar to call dispatch at 503-629-0111.

Read more about cougars from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

What to do if you encounter a cougar

  • Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity. Leave the animal a way to escape.
  • Stay calm and stand your ground.
  • Maintain direct eye contact.
  • Pick up children, but do so without bending down or turning your back on the cougar.
  • Back away slowly.
  • Do not run. Running triggers a chase response in cougars, which could lead to an attack.
  • Raise your voice and speak firmly.
  • If the cougar seems aggressive, raise your arms to make yourself look larger and clap your hands.
  • If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, tools or any items available.