HILLSBORO, Ore. -- Hundreds of people took to the streets of Hillsboro to get the attention of city leaders Tuesday night, to ensure the city is a safe place for undocumented immigrants, a so-called sanctuary city.

“It’s their job to make our city safe,” said Geurif Hernandez.

Demonstrators started at Shute Park before marching to the Civic Center, where the city council was set to meet.

“Great energy,” Hernandez said.

“This city needs to do its job because, you see how much growth we see in this city, and it’s the result of the labor of a lot of immigrants in this community,” said Francisco Lopez.

What is a sanctuary city, and what does it mean in Portland?

But not everybody believes Hillsboro should be designated a sanctuary city.

“We have to protect our country,” said Scott Dale. “We have to protect the rest of our citizens.”

A spokesman for the city of Hillsboro says it already operates as a sanctuary city by not getting involved in immigration and deportation issues, but demonstrators want something more official.

The city council will vote on the issue in early March.

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