GRESHAM, Ore. -- Some who evacuated their homes because of the wildfires are now being allowed to go back.

But there are still more than 200 people at area shelters. Sally King is one of them.

She's been staying at the Red Cross Shelter at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham since Monday.

"They came by and said you're on Level three and time to leave, so we left," she said.

She had to leave her home of 46 years near Latourell Falls.

Like all of those staying at the shelter, Sally's bed is now a cot.

"My legs haven't stopped shaking," she said.

Sally is staying at the shelter with her three dogs and her grandson who started high school the day after they got there.

"We had bought all his school supplies and went off and left them because we thought we'd be back," she said.

Thankfully, Red Cross volunteers went out and bought him new school supplies so he could go to class prepared.

"They are genuinely kind hearted people who can't do enough for you," Sally said of the volunteers.

She is no doubt thankful for the help. Still, she can't help but worry, not just about her home, but about the beautiful Columbia River Gorge surrounding it.

"There's a spirit in the place," she said.

Sally is unsure of what she will return to when she does feel it safe to go home. But she is hopeful that whatever is destroyed, will grow back in time.

"You keep praying and you keep smiling," she said. "And you keep doing what you can do to help."