SALEM, Ore. -- Graduation rates are stagnant, more students are dropping out, fewer are continuing onto college and less than half are meeting or exceeding certain state standards.

These are some of the key takeaways from the Salem-Keizer School District's annual report card.

But it isn't all bad. For example, growth was seen on state language arts and math tests by elementary and middle school students.

For nearly 20 years, the Oregon Department of Education has released annual report cards to give families, educators and other tax-paying community members an idea of how well each institution is performing.

Individual school and district reports include a snapshot of test scores, graduation and drop-out rates, demographics and learning environment, to name a few. A statewide report card will be released in November.

These reports aim to answer the question: Are schools and districts doing their job to educate and prepare students for life after graduation?

It can be overwhelming to look through the hundreds of data points on each report. Go here to the official education department report. Select your district in the scroll down menu. Then select the school and/or year.

The Oregonian annually has produced a guide to the report card that's much easier to use. Go here to check individual schools and districts. Go here for their analysis of this year's report card.

The Oregon Department of Education is planning a redesign of the reports next year, which will include new indicators of success, like per pupil spending.

Read the full Statesman Journal report for report cards on mid-Valley schools.