RIDGEFIELD, Wash. -- Whipple Creek Park in Clark County is a popular spot for horse riders and dog walkers, along with hikers and cyclists. But horse riders say problems come when people don't keep their dogs on leashes, as park rules require.

Tiffany Adams has only been riding a horse named Bucky a short time, but the 15-year-old’s been riding horses since she was six.

Last Thursday she was riding the trails in the regional park, when an unleashed dog bolted at her. The horse reared up and spun around right into a tree, causing injuries. The horse was spooked by an off leash dog, who took off with its owner.

Adams and Bucky are both recovering; no broken bones, but Tiffany injured a knee, and Bucky's been limping around too.

“I’m more worried about my horse and the fact that she didn’t even ask if I was OK or if he was OK really irks me a lot,” said Adams.

Horse riders said two others were hurt in similar situations in the park in the past week, including a woman who was thrown from her horse. She injured her back so badly she may never ride a horse again.

Adams and other riders ask people to follow the rules that dogs are to be on a leash, so this kind of thing doesn't happen in the 300-acre natural park.