PORTLAND, Ore. -- In an ongoing list of attempts to address complaints of “derelict” RV’s parked illegally on city streets, Portland’s City Council on Wednesday voted 5-0 to ban the sale or giving away of recreational vehicles that leak sewage or are likely to do so.

According to the emergency ordinance, effective immediately, anyone who transfers ownership of such an RV could face a $500 fine or up to six months in jail.

The vote came after roughly half an hour of testimony from community members, officials with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Portland police.

“There's no exaggerations here. I just received a complaint before I walked in here of one where sewage is just pouring out of the bottom of it,” said Sergeant Randy Teig.

PBOT officials said, in 2016, the city received 4,000 complaints about illegally parked RV’s, many of which leak sewage and other hazards onto the streets.

So far this year, they’ve received 7,000.

“Some have drug paraphernalia including needles and other hazards that need to be abated,” said Dave Benson, Parking Services Group Manager at PBOT. “Some have been completely burned, and the fire bureau tells us that so far this year, 25 RVs have burned.”

Officials said towing, storing, scrapping those RVs and cleaning up the waste that’s left behind is expected to cost the city roughly $1 million during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Commissioners reiterated plans to help owners of derelict RVs get rid of them safely, courtesy of next month’s Free RV Turn-In Disposal Day.