PORTLAND, Ore. -- In a Northeast Portland neighborhood, neighbors say a homeless camp that has grown over the past four months has made them afraid to leave their homes.

“It makes me feel unsafe,” said Amy Epperson, who says her home was burglarized last week.

She doesn’t know for sure that homeless people broke in to her home, but she said a neighbor saw strangers near her yard with a bike that looked just like hers.

Epperson also said there was a cellphone charging on the electrical outlet at the back of her house.

“It’s not that I feel unsafe in my home, I feel unsafe leaving my home,” Epperson said.

Her neighbor, Brianne Margolin, said she’s complained to the city, but has received no real response.

"It almost feels as like taxpayers and property taxpayers we have fewer rights and fewer solutions than those who are camping out on public land."

Margolin says the homeless camp makes her feel unsafe being outside with her newborn child and her 2-year-old.

But there is compassion here for the plight of the homeless.

Kathleen McMillan said she wants to remind everyone that the homeless are people.

"There are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, moms and dads," she said.