PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police posted a video that gives suggestions for dealing with aggressive people in public.

The YouTube video is a response to recent high-profile crimes in which people who are homeless are charged.

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Police charged a transient couple last week with kidnapping a woman and abusing her in their broken down RV in Milwaukie.

The accused Max train killer, Jeremy Christian was homeless at the time of the attack as was the man charged with stealing the wedding ring off the finger of a man dying after that attack.

It’s enough to make anyone think twice when encountering people who are homeless.

The police video includes specific tips, including “don’t be alone.”

It also suggests watching the person in question to see if your interaction is making the situation worse, and keeping some distance between you and them.

“We don't want anyone to feel fearful or scared -- but we want people to continue to be involved, to be engaged to volunteer and not suddenly to shrink back in fear,” said Officer Jason Jones.

Jones is the coordinator for the police crisis intervention team. He does not believe there is an increase in violence from people who are homeless.

“We've just had a high profile incident -- and it’s nothing more than a high profile incident,” he said.

"In fact it’s not worse, the problem isn’t worse,” said Jones.