A referendum asking Oregon voters to decide the fate of portions of the health care tax law passed over the summer will be on the ballot in January, the Secretary of State's office announced Monday.

The state confirmed 70,320 valid signatures supporting the referendum, 85 percent of those submitted and 11,531 more than needed to qualify.

The election will be Tuesday, Jan. 23. Residents need to register by Jan. 2 to vote on Measure 101.

“The successful results of this petition effort shows just what Oregonians really think about what kind of job politicians are doing, and they aren’t very happy with the bills coming out of Salem,” Rep. Sal Esquivel, R-Medford, a chief petitioner for the referendum, said in a statement.

The measure formerly known as Referendum 301 refers to voters sections of the health care tax law — House Bill 2391 — that passed in the 2017 legislative session. It applies taxes to health insurance premiums and some hospitals.

The bill was a compromise between health care providers, insurance companies and lawmakers, aimed at maintaining funding and participation levels for the Oregon Health Plan.