PORTLAND, Ore. – A Portland casting company is looking for women who are experienced mountain bikers and people of Persian descent for an HBO show to be filmed in Portland later this month.

The untitled drama from writer Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood) will shoot in the Portland area July 17-21.

Cast Iron Studios is looking for women in their 20s and 30s “with a fit, athletic build appropriate for extreme sports.” They should also bring their own mountain bike and cycling shoes to the set, but they will not be cycling during the shoot.

“Instead, they will be seen post-race, as if they had been cycling. The stylists may even pretty them up with a bit of mud and dirt, to make it look like they were riding,” said casting director Lana Veenker.

The casting company is also looking for people of Persian descent for a night shoot. Veenker said they will hire mostly men and women ages 30-50, but they will look for some children, young adults and seniors as well.

Veenker said Portland hipsters will also be in demand for the show.

“We’re constantly combing our database for great beards and mustaches,” she said.

The positions are non-union, and pay starts at minimum wage for general background roles.

Those interested in working as extras on the show can fill out an extras submission form.