GRESHAM, Ore. – A Gresham boy was arrested for disorderly conduct Thursday after making threatening “killer clowns” posts on social media.

Police say the boy made the post Wednesday night, claiming killer clowns were coming to two of Centennial’s schools on Thursday to hurt students. The boy is a student in the Centennial School District, but he was not identified.

The student posted the threat online after seeing similar posts on other sites. Police say the boy’s threats were not credible and he had no intention of harming anyone.

“Sometimes poor decisions, even when done in jest, have serious consequences,” said Detective Adam Wright with Gresham police. "The perpetuation of threats, even when untrue, can unlawfully disrupt peoples' lives and can lead to arrest."

Gresham police have received multiple reports of clown sightings and threats involving clowns. They say most of the threats are misinformation being spread on social media and that none of them have amounted to actual threats.

Police advise people that someone wearing a mask or dressing like a clown is not a crime. If a situation amounts to a greater public safety concern, people should call the non-emergency line at 503-823-3333, or 911.