Bo Baskoro sings and writes about what he knows: Growing up in Gresham with a hard working mom and without a dad, who left when he was very young. The struggle of recovering this last year from a tumor and tear found in his hip, while trying to make ends meet.

“I was living in my mom’s walk in closet.” Bo said.

He wrote about the pressure of supporting himself with part time jobs while trying to make a name for himself in music.

“It’s really challenging.” Bo concedes.

Then through fate or just good fortune, Bo met some producers while working as an extra on a commercial. They decided his story was the perfect way to promote a new Maxwell House Coffee product aimed at struggling millennials. Bo was featured in a video and then flown to Los Angeles.

“Everything was just super glamorous,” said Bo. “I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

The highlight, though, was getting a chance to record with Grammy-winning music producer, Harvey Mason Junior.

“He is such a phenomenal producer,” Bo said. “He did Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Aretha Franklin.”

And now Bo Baskoro. Being in the spotlight has been a boost for Bo’s music and modeling career. He doesn’t live in his mom’s closet anymore.

“I’ve just been couch surfing or house sitting.” Bo said.

Even though there are still plenty of challenges, it’s clearly not the money or the hope of celebrity status that keeps Bo going. He says the payoff comes when someone hears his music for the first time and tells him they feel a little more connected, and a little less alone.

Bo said, “Every time that happens I’m like, this is exactly what I wanted!”

You can see the Maxwell House video about Bo here