PORTLAND, Ore. -- Hardware stores are busy. At Pearl ACE Hardware, it's no exception.

“I think everyone's trying to stock up as they get ready for the full week of cold weather,” laughed Beaverton resident Chris De Jauregui.

The store was full of people preparing for the cold weather and the power outages many experienced on Wednesday.

Store supervisor Kirkland Frost said there is a lot of interest in propane heaters.

“I got some in yesterday and I'm already sold out of them,” said Frost.

There was only one left, going for about $200. Frost said normally they don't carry generators, but they do now.

“We decided to get some in due to people who are living more up on the hill due to the inclement weather. It's caused power outages and things like that,” Frost said.

The generator at Pearl ACE Hardware will run you about $600.

Prices can fluctuate between $100 all the way up to $1,000, depending on fuel efficiency, power output and a number of other features.

But if you're considering getting a generator, there are things to remember.

“The primary hazard of using a generator is carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Monique Dugaw with the Red Cross.

Dugaw said never use a generator indoors in an enclosed space. The same thing goes for a propane heater.

If you're buying a space heater, Dugaw said make sure you keep it at least three feet away from anything that can catch fire. That includes carpeting.

Back at the hardware store, there are other, lower cost options that will help keep the heat in like window kits.

“It kind of acts as insulation for those windows that aren't doubled paned,” said Frost.

So whether you're getting a window kit, generator or space heater, there are ways to stay warm in this bone-chilling cold.