PORTLAND, Ore. -- Multiple nights of freezing temperatures in the extended forecast have a lot of people paying attention and getting ready

"This is the first year in probably the last ten that people are actually getting prepared for the winter that they think we're going to have," said Norman Chusid, owner of Ankeny Hardware in Southeast Portland.

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Chusid said in recent days he's sold upwards of 60 pairs of ice cleats, dozens of snow shovels and literally tons of ice-melt.

Even though there is no snow or freezing rain in the forecast this week, he said people are not taking any chances.

"Last year was a lesson that a lot of people hadn't experienced for a long time," he said.

While people may not need the ice cleats for a while, with multiple nights of freezing temperatures experts say they do need to put on those outdoor faucet covers to prevent pipes from freezing.

They also need to shut off the shut-off valves to those faucets if they have them. And if they have one of those more modern frost-proof outdoor faucets, there is one very important thing they should do today.

"The garden hoses do need to be pulled off otherwise you'll trap the water in there and even a frost-proof will freeze and break," said Thomas VinZant with DeTemple Plumbing.

In addition to bringing in those not-so-cold-hearty plants, you should also bring in a few other things from your garden like bird baths and fountains as well as any unglazed terra cotta pottery.

"People typically need to take them inside during freezing weather because the clay itself will absorb water and it just cracks and crumbles during the winter," said Ken Whitten from Portland Nursery.