HILLSBORO, Ore. -- It's 30 months in prison for Alex Woolner, the nurse found guilty of sexually abusing five victims in one way or another.

Woolner is a former Kaiser Permanente nurse. In a plea deal, he admitted to convincing five female patients it was medically necessary for him to see and touch parts of their bodies. In fact it wasn't; he did it for his own sexual gratification.

The sex abuse charges are all misdemeanors.

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But Woolner was also convicted of second-degree attempted kidnapping for trying to coerce a patient to go somewhere with him. That felony conviction earned him the 30 months of prison time.

“It's yet another example in our society where an individual finds a way to engage in a truly selfish act. And that's the act of this man, Mr. Woolner, for his own benefit,” said Washington County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Kevin Barton. "And it really tears away at the trust we have in our society for positions where you think you'd be safe."

“It doesn't get more despicable than this,” said Judge Charles Bailey referring to Woolner abusing patients' trust for his "stupid, petty sexual gratification."

Deputy prosecutor Barton wants to see Oregon law changed to allow felony charges for anyone in a position of power who commits sex abuse. There is already state law related to coaches, which could be the template, Barton said.

Civil cases are also going forward that target not only the nurse, but also Kaiser Permanente. They allege the health care provider didn't do enough to stop the abuse from happening.