PORTLAND, Ore. -- Among the thousands who were at the concert in Las Vegas Sunday night, some were from Oregon and Washington.

Don Aman grew up in Hillsboro. He now lives in Yakima, Wash. and spends his summers going to music festivals with his wife.

The Route-91 Harvest Festival was the last of the year for him. And one he will never forget.

Moments after the gunfire began Don Aman took out his smart phone and started recording the chaos.

"The sirens were going and then another volley of gunfire started," he said. "I knew it was fully automatic because I know the sound of a fully automatic AK-47."

Aman had gone to the concert with his wife. They were in the VIP section just yards from the stage.

"My wife watched a woman get shot in the head last night... about five feet away from my wife." he said. "That's when she realized she had to move and get out of the way and that is what she did."

His wife ran to safety.

A former firefighter and EMT, Aman stayed behind to help tend to the wounded.

"I assisted, I don't know, I lost count, but probably 10 to 12 other people shot, I was able to help get to medic vehicles and law enforcement trucks," he said.

Aman added that only when he got back to his hotel room and turned on the news did he realize the extent of the tragedy.

"It was surreal," he said. "It didn't really hit me until this morning that I went through a live active shooter scenario."

Aman said Alaska Airlines was allowing him and other customers to change their flights at no charge, so they can get home to loved ones as quickly as possible.