FOREST GROVE, Ore. – Forest Grove Fire and Rescue is warning parents to educate children about the dangers of fireworks, after three children set fire to a field Thursday.

The fire, near the 2100 block of Hawthorne, didn’t harm anyone, but it quickly spread, firefighters said, because of dry grass and a nearby homeless camp.

Firefighters say they don’t know how the children started the fire, but it’s a good reminder to be extra careful because even small fireworks like sparklers can create a hazard.

”Keep the fireworks, the matches, the lighters, away from kids. Lock them up if you do have them in your house, and just educate them that fire is what we consider a tool, not a toy,” said spokesperson Matt Johnston.

Johnston says children have caused hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage in the past by playing with fireworks, and setting items on fire. In one case, he said, children burned down a play structure, after playing with fireworks.

He says education is key, and if your child has a tendency to want to play with fire the county and fire departments have some great programs available.