PORTLAND, Ore. -- Someone has posted fliers around Portland State University accusing three students of being racist, and asking to confront those named students.

Above their pictures, the fliers read "Local racists organizing on your campus...If you see them let them know what you think of their efforts.”

“I have seen the kids on the poster,” said PSU student Liard Wieliczkiewicz.

He said the students are well known around campus for their political views. He said they are outspoken supporters of Donald Trump and have angered many with their portrayal of minorities.

“I won't go into detail but there were definitely some very racist characters of African Americans,” said Wieliczkiewicz, "and I just don't appreciate their company."

This week, the fliers caught the attention of white supremacist and Louisiana politician David Duke.

On Twitter, Duke criticized the people who made the posters, saying the three men were being unfairly attacked.

Contrary to Duke’s tweet, the fliers did not encourage any kind of violence. Still, some students disagreed with the flyer’s tactics.

“I'm not a Trump supporter but I wouldn't support somebody hounding these people down,” said PSU student Jess Wiercx.

PSU spokesman Ken Ma said school officials don't know who posted the fliers and they didn't give anyone permission to do so.

"We have not received any complaints. But if we receive a complaint, we will respond,” said Ma. “We are committed to providing a safe campus community for all."

KGW reached out to an organization accused of posting the flyers and the people whose faces are on the photo. We are waiting for a response.