If you see a firefighter wearing pink, don't worry, the white shirt didn't end up in the wash with the red one.

Tuallitan Valley Fire and Rescue has joined the breast cancer awareness campaign asking their fire fighters to don pink shirts during the month of October.

However, there is one twist. Instead of giving them to the crew members, firefighters have been asked to buy them and have responded with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The money raised from the sale of the pink shirts will go to the Virginia Garcia health clinics which, among other things, provide breast cancer screening to low income individuals and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, which provides help for the the families of firefighters that receive a cancer diagnosis.

The shirts were designed by the Tualatin Valley firefighters union and are being sold for $15. If you would like to help the campaign, or simply like wearing cool pink shirts, you can buy one by visiting their website and clicking on the Firefighters in Pink link.