Ollie the bobcat, who escaped from her enclosure at the National Zoo on Monday, has been found safe on Zoo property.

“I think she was ready to come home,” a Zoo official said.

Officials said a Zoo visitor reported seeing Ollie move across a walkway near the Bird House. Zookeepers set traps and they caught Ollie soon after.

Even though she was caught at the zoo, officials believe she ventured off the property, and walked along Rock Creek and Massachusetts Ave. People reported seeing the bobcat along the busy street.

“She didn’t stray far away from home. She came right back,” a Zoo official told reporters.

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Ollie has a cut on her front paw, but veterinarians said there’s no need to treat it. They’ll give her a full exam on Thursday. Vets will check to see she picked up any diseases or illnesses during her three days of freedom.

For now, Ollie is being kept calm and safe outside of the public eye. She’ll be reunited with her fellow bobcats as soon as vets make sure she’s safe, the other bobcats are okay, and the exhibit is secure.

Zookeepers described Ollie as more of an independent bobcat, compared to the other two zoo residents. One of them said she can be standoffish at times.