PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fierce winds and freezing rain proved to be a powerful combination across the metro area Friday.

There were several reports of downed trees that damaged homes, but no injuries were reported.

“If you have a faith background, somebody kept that tree from falling on that house,” said Benjamin Joy as he looked at his mother’s home at Northeast Failing and 102nd Avenue.

Thursday night, two massive fir trees went down in a domino effect, just minutes after Joy’s 77-year-old mother was evacuated by a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

“It’s inches from smashing the house and it did nothing, not even a broken window,” said Joy.

Thomas Barreth lives next door, where the two trees he had named “Treebert” and “Fernie” lived for over a hundred years. Barreth said he is grateful that he, his family and his neighbors are safe, but he’s sad the trees are gone.

“These trees were here before my house, these trees were here before the neighborhood, and it’s a shame,” said Barreth.

On the other side of town, three trees fell since Wednesday night in a Northwest Portland neighborhood adjacent to Mitchell Park. Two of the trees fell onto one house, and next door, Ron and Carol Means heard a tree fall into their yard early Friday morning.

“We knew it was a tree. There was a crashing, and then a thud,” said Carol Means. “And our house shook when the tree went down.”

The couple said they are frustrated that trees keep falling from the park onto the homes. They have asked for the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Department to take all the trees down before another storm brings them down.

“We were OK with it, but now we’re not,” said Carol Means. “Now that this has happened, we’re ready for another step.”