PORTLAND, Ore. – A dog stolen from a Portland grocery store Wednesday morning was reunited with her family later in the day after she escaped and received some help from a good Samaritan.

Danny O’Connor noticed someone taking the dog, named June, in front of the New Seasons Market near Northeast Broadway Street and 33rd Avenue, and posted video of the theft on his Facebook page.

June’s owner said a friend was taking care of the dog during an inspection at their home. The friend took June to New Seasons and tied her up outside.

The person who stole June wore a hood and a bandana over their face. The person rode away on a bicycle with June on a leash.

The thief took June onto a MAX train, but didn’t know she was plotting her escape.

When the train stopped at Providence Park, June ran for the door and slipped out of her collar, leaving the person who stole her on the train as it left the stop, according to the animal control officer who helped get June home.

A woman, Wendi Stratton, noticed June by herself at the MAX stop and knew she needed to help. She bought a leash, wrapped it around June and called police.

"I went over and coaxed it over to me before it got hit by a car and we sat there at the max stop (6) for half an hour before I finally got help from a friend to get a leash," said Stratton.

The animal control officer scanned June’s microchip and called her owners. June was back with her family Wednesday afternoon.

"It warms my heart I was there. Right place, right time, and get her reunited with her family," Stratton said.

“Feels good. Family’s reunited!” June’s owner, Kyle, said.