One day after widespread student walkouts and protests, an Auburn school is trying a different approach when it comes to kids voicing their opinions on the outcome of the presidential election.

Auburn Riverside High School launched a campaign called "You Matter" that features posters with positives quotes and messages on display in the hallways, as well as a letter writing campaign that's open to all students.

If students are interested, the campaign encourages them to write a letter to President-elect Donald Trump. The goal is to use the letter as a chance to voice their concerns, and express their hopes for the future.

"Basically this is a good way to get our opinions voiced, and if you support him or if you don't, that's okay. All are welcome here," said senior Kerry Dolan, who helped organize the campaign.

Principal David Halford said the idea was student-driven, but it's one he fully supports. The letter writing campaign is also voluntary, meaning only those students who want to take part will write letters.

Halford said he understands that students need to have a voice, and he hopes the letter writing campaign will serve as an outlet to speak their minds.

"I would just want to tell Donald Trump to just support everyone and just be a President for everyone," said Auburn Riverside senior Faith Turner. "It puts my words on paper and I can speak out and don't have to hold it in."

The school also sent a letter home to parents, notifying them of the "You Matter" campaign and inviting feedback from families.

Once the campaign is complete, the school plans to mail the letters all at once from Auburn to the White House.