PORTLAND, Ore. - A cyclist who says he was knocked down by a police officer while following the officer's orders and then detained for four hours is suing Portland.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 23-year-old Anthony Allen filed a $475,000 lawsuit against the city on Wednesday. His attorney claims Allen, who is black, was racially profiled in 2015. The suit says he was wrongfully arrested by Portland police while they searched for a suspect in a shooting.

According to the suit, Allen was headed home from his job at New Seasons Market when he came upon a police line perimeter. Officers told him there had been a shooting in the Northeast Portland neighborhood and it was not safe. They told him to go home.

As Allen neared his home at Northeast 25th Avenue and Sumner Street, another officer appeared and yelled for him to stop, the lawsuit said. Allen explained that he had just spoken to other officers and was heading to his home about three doors down. The officer told Allen he wasn't going anywhere,

Allen moved toward the curb as the officer ordered, but the officer knocked him off of his bike and handcuffed him, the suit said.

Officers went through Allen's backpack without consent and refused to tell him why he was detained, court documents said. Allen was taken to the downtown Portland police station and held for four hours.

Police tried to charge Allen for misdemeanor for refusing to obey a lawful order. He was later acquitted in a Multnomah County jury trial.

Portland police and the city attorney's office have not commented on the issue.