LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Lake Sacagawea was a snowy scene on Monday, as this time it was Longview’s turn to become a winter wonderland.

Cowlitz County got plenty of wet heavy snow on Sunday, enough to close down schools in Kelso and Longview on Monday.

At least a few inches fell at the lowest elevations, and several more fell in area hills, including neighborhoods like Columbia Heights.

That’s where a Vancouver family got stuck at the grandparents’ house, after the Super Bowl. The snow was too deep to leave.

“I don’t like to be stuck, when I get stuck I get irritable,” said Amanda Ackerman.

She, her husband and three young children were preparing to leave Monday.

The snow didn't give kids much chance to play in it during the snow day. By Monday morning, the wet snow was turning to slush in above freezing temperatures.

One man used his snow blower to clear his driveway, for the third time this year.

“Oh I don’t like the snow,” said Gary Bence. “As long as it stays off my driveway or the roads I’ll be fine with it.”