TIGARD, Ore. -- Two people accused of embezzlement were found dead in a Bull Mountain home, in what authorities called an apparent homicide-suicide early Thursday morning.

Family members were concerned that they had not heard from Lisa R. Malone, 48, and Leonard J. Foster, 48, for some time, said Det. Robert Rookhuyzen of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

"The family members went to the location and entered the three-story home. From the ground floor, they spoke with Ms. Malone and Mr. Foster, who were upstairs," Rookhuyzen said. "The family members then heard what they believed to be a single gunshot, but thought it could have been from a TV. After the gunshot, Ms. Malone and Mr. Foster both told the family members they were fine and did not wish to speak with them."

Family then called 911 and reported hearing more gunfire, which sounded muffled. They left the home.

Responding deputies spoke with neighbors who did not hear any gunfire, but said the porch light was turned off after family members left the home.

While calls into the home went unanswered, deputies saw lights inside the home being turned off. But they determined they did not have probable cause to enter the home.

Family members who went back into the home around 1 a.m. found the couple dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Investigators believe Foster shot and killed Malone, and then some time later shot and killed himself. The sheriff's office said the two allegedly embezzled nearly a quarter-million dollars from their employer, Fahey Machinery in Lake Oswego, and they had just been found out.

"The initial indicators are that they thought maybe the gig was up and the world was kind of closing in on them," Rookhuyzen said. "I think that was generally, or definitely a factor with, what happened."

Rookhuyzen said Fahey company leaders were first shocked to discover the embezzlement, then devastated to learn of the deaths of Foster and Malone.

Neighbors on Bull Mountain were also upset to hear what happened. Several said the couple mostly kept to themselves, but were friendly.

"It's just sad, it's just sad that people can't figure out something without going through those kind of results," said one neighbor who asked to not be named.

The couple had lived at the home for over a year. There were no prior calls to the home for domestic violence calls.

Anyone with information was asked to contact detectives at 503-846-2500.


KGW reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report