CLATSKANIE, Ore. -- The unopposed mayor of Clatskanie, enmeshed in controversy for several years, conceded defeat Wednesday to a write-in candidate.

Though unnamed on the ballot, the apparent winner is Bob Brajcich, a retired mechanic, according to the Longview Daily News. Mayor Diane Pohl received 214 votes and 'WRITE-IN' received 481.

Pohl has had an eventful few years.

In 2015, she defended and praised former police chief Marvin Hoover, who was allowed to retire after he reportedly made racist comments in front of two officers.

Hoover reportedly loudly mimicked a monkey in a discussion about an African-American woman. He also dropped to a knee and sang "Dixie."

Later, Pohl's husband was arrested for, then pled guilty to exposing himself repeatedly to the owner of a drive-through coffee stand. The woman later sued the Pohls and the city of Clatskanie for defamation.

Mayor Pohl survived a 2015 recall election.

She told the Daily News this week that she conceded out of respect for voters. Her term ends Dec. 31.

“I believe in our country. I believe in our system. I believe in the people voting for who they believe is the best candidate. That’s our American way,” she told the newspaper.