Joanne Meyer is one of many who spent Wednesday without power in Clackamas County. She wonders when the electricity will return to her home on Upper Highland Road.

Tuesday night, howling winds brought down branches and trees and cut the power around 11 p.m. Joanne spent a chilly night in bed.

“Yeah. Because I didn't have any power and I tried to get my generator working and it wouldn't work and my husband had to go to work, so I crawled in bed and said the heck with it!" she said.

It’s cold enough here to freeze the water trough for her horse. And the barn's been dark since Tuesday night.

“As you can see, there is no power. No lights, no nothing,” she said flipping a light switch.

Powerful winds knocked down trees and snapped power lines all over the area.

One tree fell on a house in Portland's West Hills on Northwest Royal Boulevard, near Skyline.

Another fell in southwest Portland, near Multnomah Village.

In Gresham, more than 2,700 kids got the day off from school because trees knocked out power to schools. Classes are expected to resume Thursday morning.

The district budgets for two snow days per year but this winter it has already used four. It’s unclear if the students will have to make them up.

In Damascus, a power pole snapped in two after a 100-foot-tall fir tree fell on its line.

Joanne Meyer is not surprised.

“We had 30 mile an hour gusts last night,” she said.

This is a winter to remember, even for those who have seen more than a few.

“This is the first time since we've lived here - 40 years - that I’ve seen snow blow and uncover my driveway. It’s just amazing. We're amazed,” said Meyer.