CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Signs along Highway 213 north of Mulino warn drivers of a bump. But for many who live and commute in that area, it's a lot more than just a bump.

Terry Nail calls it a huge hassle.

"It's a bunch of bologna," Nail said.

The bump is actually more of a crack. And it is growing, ever so slightly, by the day as the ground below the road slowly sinks and slides.

"I drove over it last week with my little white car, a little Kia," said Nail. "I forgot all about it and it must have been a five-inch drop off."

Across town, Marlene Spain has a front row view of another sinking road. She lives along South End road in Oregon City. A stretch of that road is also cracking.

"Every week you see a little bigger space and you hear the trailers go by and go clink," she said.

The problem: Both roads sits on a historic slide area. All the recent rain saturated the slopes and they started sliding again.

ODOT crews have closed one lane of Highway 213 and reduced the speed limit along the impacted stretch.

They've also grated it to make it smoother and set up sensors to monitor just how much the cracks are expanding.

ODOT says the cracks are getting bigger, but says drivers are not at any risk.

"It's expanding very slightly," said ODOT spokesman Don Hamilton. "We're not expecting any huge catastrophic failure of this section of road...we've been monitoring it very,very carefully."

ODOT says it will take several  more weeks to assess exactly what is happening with the ground there. Once that is done, it will come up with the best plan to fix it.