BEAVERTON, Ore. – A charter school was vandalized this past week, and to add insult to injury, the school was also burglarized. About $2,000 students raised at a carnival fundraiser was stolen.

The Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School is finishing up its seventh year as a first through eighth grade school. It's ranked as the top charter primary school in Oregon. And after seven years, the school of 300 students is planning a move out of a church and into its own facility next year.

The $2,000 dollars raised by the kids was going toward something special for the new school that students could be proud of. Now, the end of their school year is marked by disappointment.

“I feel violated... like we put that on for the community and then someone could just come and take it away from us,” said student body president Olivia Hoffbeck.

If you would like to help the kids recoup the cash, they’ve set up a donation page. For any donation you can make, the students offer you a big “muchas gracias.”

The burglary and vandalism happened sometime overnight Wednesday, and was discovered Thursday morning. If you have any information about the crime, call Beaverton Police.