LYONS, Ore. -- Four people helped rescue a 4-year-old boy after he went into the water and was swept away at North Fork County Park in east Marion County on Sunday afternoon.

The boy, who was standing next to his father and siblings at the water's edge, went into the water at about 3 p.m. when his father turned his head for a moment. The boy was quickly swept from the upper pool through the rapids and into the lower pool.

"We had been there no less than five minutes before someone started screaming that there was a baby in the water," said Kelda Klukis, one of the bystanders who jumped into help.

Jason McDade and Christian Lozano jumped in and pulled the boy out of the water. Kelda Klukis and Maryela Lozano began CPR on the boy, who was not breathing. Klukis is a certified nursing assistant and Lozano a registered nurse.

"It all happened super fast. He [the boy] was above the water and I thought he was just swimming," said McDade.

But then, McDade said he saw another kid looking around, as if for a friend.

"I was like hey, you looking for someone? And I look back over and he was way under the water," McDade recalled.

That's when he knew something was wrong. Adrenaline kicked in.

"I just dove in, took off my shirt and took off, my hat and put it on the rock that I was standing on and just jumped in the water," said McDade.

Once the child was above water, Klukis said she and another woman gave the boy CPR. The other woman was a nurse and Klukis so happens to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Her own children were there to witness the scary situation.

"It's one thing to be able to tell them, 'oh I did CPR at work today. It's another thing for them to see it," she said.

Klukis said it took about five minutes of CPR before the boy began breathing again.

By the time paramedics arrived, the boy was breathing again. He was taken to Santiam Hospital and police say he will make a full recovery.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office reminds visitors and residents that when playing in or around open water, please wear a life vest.