WEST LINN, Ore. -- A West Linn woman is fostering a kitten after it was found badly burned in Molalla.

“She has to have foot baths three times a day,” said Ellen Worsham. “Eye drops three times a day.”

The kitten suffered burns to a majority of its body, but its face and paws were burned the worst.

“This one has gotten better but this back one is probably the worst one,” said Worsham of the kitten’s paws.

Worsham says late last week a good Samaritan found the kitten abandoned in Molalla. The person immediately contacted Paws Animal Shelter in West Linn. The shelter’s director does not know what happened to the kitten, but she cannot help but think somebody intentionally harmed it.

“How did it happen and how did she get so burned all over her body?” asked Sharon Murphy. “Her face and feet are worse but she was burned on her side and back.”

Regardless of the circumstances, the kitten is in good hands with Worsham, who is tasked with nursing her back to heath before she is put up for adoption.

“It is hard to let them go,” said Worsham. “I’m just a temporary stay.”

The kitten could be ready for adoption in a month.