PORTLAND, Ore. -- A unique and tiny development is going up in North Portland.

It looks like six tiny homes all on one residential lot.

Some may wonder how that is even allowed. But it is allowed, because it's not what it looks like.

It's the latest creation of Portland builder Bradley Bloom. It's called Camp Michigan Avenue, and it is nestled among the homes just a block off north Mississippi Avenue.

It's a tiny village of sorts made up of six individually themed living spaces.

Each one has a shower, toilet and a sink just like your typical tiny house.

"It has most everything you need inside of 182 square feet," said Bloom.

Except these are not homes.

Under city code, the two closest to the street are considered primary residences, the rest are considered detached or satellite bedrooms.

Or as Bloom calls them, "six individual living spaces."

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Under city code, each detached bedroom is allowed one sink, which, when put altogether, does look an awful lot like a tiny home.

"We're really pushing the zoning envelope," admitted Bloom.

Bloom says the goal is to increase density on an existing lot. But it's also to offer families the chance to live a little earth-friendlier.

Not only are their footprints small, all the units were built using re-purposed materials.

While some neighbors would prefer a single home on the lot, others are pleased by Bloom's creation and would like to see more.

Anjali LeBoeuf lives across the street. She prefers the low-profile units over anything taller.

"I like that it keeps the area residential and homey and so I think it's really good use of density.

While city planners say the work does comply, at this time, with city code, they point out because the structures are considered bedrooms, they cannot be individually rented long-term.

Bloom can get a permit to use them like an airbnb.

Keely Chalmers shot videos that take you on a tour.

These may look like tiny homes or ADUs, but they are not. They are detached bedrooms, with bathrooms and a sink. As a...

Posted by Keely Chalmers (KGW-TV) on Tuesday, July 25, 2017