It's an idea straight from the heart. Two North Potomac brothers wanted to help out lonely classmates, and got a buddy bench at their school.

The unveiling of the buddy bench happened Friday at Jones Lane Elementary School in North Potomac. Ryan and Jack Golub are only in first and fourth grade, but are wise beyond their years. They saw a video of a buddy bench in Pennsylvania and knew they had to have it for their school.

The concept for the buddy bench is simple. A lonely students sits on it if they're having trouble making friends. Students sitting on the bench will then be approached by other students willing to give their friendship.

The bench was designed by the brothers and says "make a friend, be a friend."

"It's heartbreaking to think of, everyone remembers elementary school. It's tough to think you don't fit in," said Annette Golub, the boy's mother. She hopes the bench will help with bullying and unite students.

The bench was paid for by the PTA after the brothers lobbied for the bench.